Embracing leadership role, Brett Hundley argues for NCAA athlete stipends

SAN BERNARDINO — Brett Hundley knows he’s the leader of this team.

The UCLA quarterback lingered on the practice field at Cal State San Bernardino after everyone else on the team had already headed to the locker room. Encircled by media, he answered questions with candor and thoughtfulness as the noon sun beat down.

This, he said, is his duty now — the voice of the team, the face of the program. As a redshirt freshman last year, head coach Jim Mora had overruled a vote for Hundley as captain. Senior running back Johnathan Franklin also commanded of the attention, spreading word of his mayoral aspirations as he set multiple school records.

It’s Hundley’s turn, both on and off the field.

Away from the gridiron, Hundley has become heavily involved in the National College Players Association, which advocates for the interests of collegiate athletes. Continue reading “Embracing leadership role, Brett Hundley argues for NCAA athlete stipends” »

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