Reviewing UCLA’s 2014 recruiting class

The requisite caveat first: recruiting rankings are imperfect, and neither guarantee a program’s success nor ensure its failure. That said, recruiting rankings are still correlated with success, and since we can’t fast forward to see how the players develop, there isn’t a whole lot else to work with.

And without further ado, let’s take another look at the 2014 UCLA class (which you can look over in full here).

– It’s good, not great. I covered the five-star swing-and-misses generally in today’s Daily News story, but here’s the class in more detail. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Jim Mora recaps UCLA’s 2014 recruiting class

National Signing Day saw UCLA whiff on big-name, five-star recruits — especially out-of-state prospects such as linebacker Rashaan Evans (Alabama) and receiver Malachi Dupre (LSU). Bruins head coach Jim Mora acknowledged as much Wednesday evening.

“We were the bridesmaids,” he said. “Heck, we might”ve even been the ring girl on a couple of guys today. But we were in the wedding. We were in the church. That’s our goal.”

He emphasized, however, that the he wouldn’t shy away from going after “big fish” in the future: “We’re never going to go, ‘Hey, you know what, this is an SEC guy. We don’t have a shot.’ If there’s a crack in the door, we’re going to try to bust it down.”

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