After Practice with Norm Chow

If the UCLA offense is a puzzle – and I think we can all agree it was a bit puzzling last season – Norm Chow agrees that there are several steps before this thing is ready to hang on a wall.
First step, open the box.
Step two, pour the pieces on the table.
Three, four and five: Separate the pieces, turn them rightside up and start on the corners.
That’s where the Bruins are at, Chow said.
“That’s a good step, but those are the easy ones, right?” Chow said. “We’re a long ways away. We’re awfully young still. But if the guys are willing to work hard, we’re going to be fine. You want the results at the end of the day on the scoreboard, but if you’re guys work hard and whatever happens happens, you’ll be OK.”

Also, Chow on what he saw in Day One:
“We’re looking for effort, we’re looking for guys who are willing to work hard, and it was encouraging,” Chow said. “We’re going to make mistakes. But mental mistakes are easy to correct. It’s the attitude and the willingness to work. And they came out ready to go.”

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