Rahim Moore press conference

On playing a hungry-for-revenge Tennessee team:
“We beat them last year, but that doesn’t mean anything. They have the pain of regret. I think they feel like we’re in the ‘whack’ conference. They think we’re soft. I just feel like you can’t label nobody as soft until you play them.”

On finding flaws despite a school record-tying three interceptions:
“I realized some things we need to get better at as a team. I see a big improvement in Tennessee. Our hands are going to be full. I’m going to be true, I had a lot of mistakes. I realize I need to be patient. I went and wrote down all the mistakes I made.”

On staying humble despite national honors:
“One thing about me, throughout my lifetime, my coach Carver told me this, ‘The things you do, thats the past.’ I know what I did. I looked at my mistakes, not what I did right. I’m a humble guy, growing up in a Chrisitan home, I stayed humble. Now I have to bounce back and see what I can do to improve. I feel like I could have done better. I’m a big critiquer of my own game. I’m my biggest critic.”

On his mother’s influence on his life:
“I told my mom, ‘Momma, those (interceptions) are for you. Mom, I know you’ve been crying and going through a lot.’ I said, ‘Mom, I’m going to dry those tears for you.’ She’s the reason I do what I do. She’s my motivational speaker. I love her with the love of my heart and I’m going to do it every week for her.”