Video: Josh Rosen, Nate Starks, Rick Wade, Darren Andrews

Quarterback Josh Rosen talks about facing Stanford, why he struggled against BYU and finding rhythm with Darren Andrews.

Running back Nate Starks talks about coming back after missing two games, the potential of the entire running backs group and handling Stanford’s defense.

Defensive lineman Rick Wade talks about his first career sack, going against Stanford’s jumbo package and the progression of the defensive line.

Wide receiver Darren Andrews talks about who gets to be McCaffrey in practice and turning into a go-to guy.

Video: Tom Bradley, Kenny Walker, Alex Van Dyke, Rick Wade

Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the linebacker group, having the players step up in practice and Eddie Vanderdoes.

Wide receiver Kenny Walker talks about Theo Howard, his track career and what he’s been watching during the Olympics.

Wide receiver Alex Van Dyke talks about why his teammates call him “Buck” and the group of receivers.

Defensive lineman Rick Wade talks about tensions mounting during training camp, his progression over the summer and how the new offense helps the defense.