Nebraska presents mental challenge for Bruins

Less than a week after losing a beloved teammate, UCLA will step back into competition with aching hearts. Waiting for them is Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium, the home of sold-out, 80,000-plus crowds.

“I don’t know that we could find a more difficult situation,” head coach Jim Mora.

The Cornhuskers have already extended their sympathies for the Bruins’ recent tragedy. Early last Sunday morning, walk-on receiver Nick Pasquale was killed by a car while walking in his hometown of San Clemente.

Both UCLA and Nebraska will have his No. 36 added to their uniforms, and the stadium will take moment of silence before the 11 a.m. CST kickoff.

Once the ball flies into the air, however, Mora expects the fans in Lincoln to erupt.

“It’s still going to be a hostile environment,” he said. “When the game starts, it’s going to be they want to win and we want to win, and their fans are going to be cheering like crazy for them. We have to be able to handle all of that.” Continue reading “Nebraska presents mental challenge for Bruins” »

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