Inside UCLA Podcast 2 – The future of the football and basketball programs

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Welcome to the second Inside UCLA Podcast with Daily News staff writer Jon Gold and former Bruin quarterback Ben Olson.

This week Jon and Ben discuss the future prospects for UCLA’s football program and what the UCLA men’s basketball team needs to do to get back into the win column.

Jon has exclusive interviews with two members of UCLA’s men’s basketball team, sophomore point guard Jerime Anderson and senior forward James Keefe.

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The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold.

Recording and engineering by Steven Rosenberg.

4 thoughts on “Inside UCLA Podcast 2 – The future of the football and basketball programs

  1. I believe Toby Gearhart does have the option of coming back for another year at Stanford. Stanford, the academic institution that it is, lists its athletes by academic class standing. Because this is Gearhart’s fourth year as a Stanford student, Stanford’s athletic department will show him as a senior, regardless of whether he had a redshirt year or not. However, he does qualify for a redshirt year due to his injury a couple of years ago.

  2. Just wanted to say how much I love this podcast. There hasn’t been much in the way of UCLA sports podcasting since the “Bruin Show” during the Dorrell days or the pay-for-play “Bruin Hoop Report” back in the old days.

    Having Ben & Jon banter & argue about Bruin football and Bruin hoops is something I’d really pay money to listen to. Hope you folks get some advertisers or some way to monetize this stuff because the opportunity to listen to two former players talk intelligently about absolute gold.

    I hope this podcast gets broadcast to the UCLA fans on Facebook.

  3. I work in a great office environment that allows us to work with headphones in all day. I spend most my days floating inbetween live ESPN radio, the Bill Simmons Podcast, Adam Carolla podcast, etc. etc. Having this podcast literally just made my year. The best national sports commentary rarely discusses UCLA unless it’s timely. This fills the void in my life, and I only hope that you get to the point where you can record more than once a week. A lot of grassroots podcasts are pretty amateur and difficult to listen to – not everyone has a knack for having a conversation with a microphone. You guys both seem like you’ve been doing radio for years. Keep it up!

  4. Great stuff guys, but the bball analysis can use some more research.

    Ben Olson asking Jon how a program, in particular UCLA, can maintain success w/ the one and dones. Umm, UCLA went to 3 straight Final Fours. They have been competing at the elite level despite losing top prospects. The problem UCLA is currently facing is that the returning players are not the kind of leaders that can take over. This is something UCLA has always had w/ Afflalo when Farmar left. When Afflalo left, Collison was the glue/go to guy. Holiday would have been the guy, but he left.

    I think this is the transition year for some of these young guys to develop into that “go to guy”. Since Lee and Anderson didn’t get significant time last year, this is their development year.

    I can see them improving when people get healthy (remember their lack of consistent practice time as a team) throughout the year.

    Keep up the good work fellas, and maybe do some more prep for bball season! 😉

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