Inside UCLA Podcast 6 – How the Bruins are affected by USC’s coaching turmoil

Daily News staff writer Jon Gold and former UCLA starting quarterback Ben Olson discuss what the recent coaching switch for USC means for the Bruins ability to recruit and compete in the Pac-10.

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The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold and engineered by Steven Rosenberg.

Read more at Jon Gold’s Inside UCLA blog.

One thought on “Inside UCLA Podcast 6 – How the Bruins are affected by USC’s coaching turmoil

  1. Missed having you two. God, I love this podcast. The two of you bickering from different vantage points are like having two sides of my brain arguing against each other with Jon being the sensible, frameworked left brain and Ben being the passionate & proud right brain. It’s a hell of lot more fun playing the podcast on my way home from work than listening to Petros & Money on the supposed ‘radio home of the Bruins’.

    One compliment: I LOVE how Jon Gold stays on topic. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when podcasts in their arrogance, forget their audience and go off on wild tangents that have nothing to do with the podcast’s subject matter. It’s a UCLA Bruin Football/Basketball podcast… and thank God Jon keeps it on topic.

    p.s. Don’t ever take another break that long again, dammit!

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