Inside UCLA Podcast 8 – Signing Day 2010

Note to listeners: As of 8:38 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, the play button will now play the new episode, not the last one. Sorry for the confusion.

Daily News staff writer Jon Gold and former UCLA starting quarterback Ben Olson look at how the Bruin football program did on National Signing Day.

Today’s show includes Jon’s exclusive interview with head football coach Rick Neuheisel on UCLA’s incoming freshman.

The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold and engineered by Jon Gold and Steven Rosenberg.

To hear the podcast, click the play button above, or listen via iTunes or your favorite podcatching application with the links below.

8 thoughts on “Inside UCLA Podcast 8 – Signing Day 2010

  1. Sorry guys, I pasted the wrong entry in the box. As of 8:38 p.m. the play button should start Episode 8, just like the entry says.

    This error did not affect the feed into iTunes, and now plays via this blog or will work as advertised.

    Steven Rosenberg
    Daily News Online department

  2. Jon, Ben,

    You guys rock! Great podcast! This is an exciting time for Bruin FB fans, thanks for doing what you do..

    Class of 94

  3. Great job guys! It was great to hear from Ben. I would like to know what Ben is up to these days? He is an incredible example of grace under fire, enduring serial injuries, a depleted offensive line and a bumbling head coach yet never, ever giving less than his all and never running down the program or anybody else. Ben, you are a credit to the Bruin tradition. Thank you!

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