Inside UCLA Podcast, Episode 15 – We’re not in Kansas anymore, but we will be

Daily News UCLA beat writer Jon Gold and former UCLA starting quarterback Ben Olson talk about UCLA’s season opener — which is three days away — against Kansas State in a non-conference game.

How do teams like going on the road? Is UCLA’s game plan set? Will Richard Brehaut play significant minutes?

Jon and Ben will discuss these questions and more.

Plus, Jon interviews Brandon Huffman of about UCLA’s chances to recruit quarterback Brett Hundley.

Listen to today’s podcast by clicking the play button above, downloading the MP3 directly, or going to the podcast home page and subscribing to the feeds for iTunes or your favorite podcast-listening application.

The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold and Steven Rosenberg.

6 thoughts on “Inside UCLA Podcast, Episode 15 – We’re not in Kansas anymore, but we will be

  1. Gold is right. Kids from the “neighborhood” don’t give a darn about the true college experience. It’s all about the path to the NFL. Go through the roster at Florida, Texas, etc and count up the guys with two (or even one) parents who went to college. Most parents didn’t go to college in the first place. They are just as interested in the NFL paycheck as the player.

  2. Jon – In your argument with Ben over suc’s recruiting of top prospects over other campuses, did you forget about suc’s recruiting tactics, such as celebrities on the sidelines, signing “enticements”, their looking the other way when boosters utilize questionable tactics, etc. You stated that suc won. Did you forget the 1990’s?

    Ben presented valid arguments.

  3. Jon
    you continued to argue even when Ben offered to meet you halfway. It got to the point were he wasn’t even arguing, just making an if-then statement and you still wouldn’t let it go. Annoying. Haven’t you ever heard of Diff’rent Strokes??

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