Inside UCLA Podcast, Episode 16: What happened at Kansas State? And what will happen against Stanford?

In today’s podcast, Daily News UCLA beat writer Jon Gold and former UCLA quarterback Ben Olson discuss the state of the Bruin football team after week 1’s loss to Kansas State.

  • Ben called Kansas State “a must win”
  • Jon wonders, is Coach Rick Neuheisel’s positivity good for the team? Does the coach say the same thing to the team as to the media?
  • Jon asks, “Does UCLA need “wholesale changes”
  • Jon says, “The pistol offense looks like 1981 … the defense is all over the place .. the offense is not creative enough”
  • Ben says, “The defense is not crazy enough”
  • Ben talks about how Boise State takes average players and makes them better, and how winning breeds success
  • Jon and Ben discuss UCLA’s non-conference schedule. Is it too tough?
  • Ben says that in Saturday’s game, Stanford will run the ball and be physical
  • Will the recruting of Brett Hundley put pressure on Kevin Prince? Ben says you win the QB job in spring ball, not at fall camp.
  • Who’s better at sports trivia, Jon or Ben?
  • Jon interviews UCLA free safety Rahim Moore and’s Tracy Pierson

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The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold and Steven Rosenberg.

6 thoughts on “Inside UCLA Podcast, Episode 16: What happened at Kansas State? And what will happen against Stanford?

  1. My goodness. You two obviously haven’t watched enough Bruin football, and you won’t be watching a lot more—you don’t have the perspective or the patience. If you think that effort at K-State was a step backward for this team, you have no idea how bad they have been.

    Humorously, Ben Olson of all people should have a more entertaining perspective on the Bruins. Afterall, he played on and personally contributed to some of the worst performances and teams that set the low bar for Ucla Bruin football fans. He vanished at BYU and presided over a 59 – 0 wipeout at Utah. Yet he can sit there, presumably fully healed now, and pontificate at how bad the Bruins performed in losing narrowly on the road to a decent Big 12 team? Knowing Ben, he probably broke his pointer finger and bruised his larynx while watching game on tv. We hope he is fully recovered by your next podcast, but get the backup ready.

    When healthy, come back to the microphone when you have some insight to contribute. For example, the o-line gets some credit from you, but not the d-line. But did you notice that most K-State rushing yardage came after the back hit a plugged line and bounced to the outside? The point is that the d-line held its own but the run support from the corners and linebackers wasn’t there.

    More depth, boys. Less panic and derision.

  2. Agree w/ localbruin…there was no insightful analysis. Rather the two just complained and voiced their disappointment. Frankly, I saw improvements in the running game. The secondary played well for the most part.

    We UCLA fans don’t need x amount of minutes of complaining and criticism without analysis. We get enough of that on the message boards. Give us some insight as a reporter close to the team. Give us some insightful analysis as an ex-player. Any Bruin fan could have given this podcast.

    I enjoy and look forward to these podcasts and hope this lends some helpful advice. Thanks Jon!

  3. I completely agree it’s ironic, to say the least, to hear Ben Olson’s commentary. He never met expectations, never won a big game, and never showed any consistency. Dorrell made plenty of mistakes during his tenure, but putting all his eggs in the Ben Olson basket was by far the most egregious.

    I also hold Ben personally responsible for obliterating 3 seasons that held potential. I won’t profess to know what it’s like to endure the rigors of D1 football, but the way he simply crumbled every year was really pathetic. Someone should “run the numbers”–for his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons, did Ben miss more games due to injury than he actually played in?

  4. I couldn’t disagree with Blue Bruin, mike04 and localbruin more. It seems completely asinine for us idiots to sit here and say that we have a better perspective than someone who actually PLAYED! Come on guys, and to say you hold someone personally responsible for obliterating 3 seasons that held potential, because they were injured. Really? What kind of an imbecile thinks anyone has control over when they are injured playing college football. Or any level of football for that matter.

    If I have any complaints for you Jon, it would be that you need to come up with some sort of screening process before letting these whining idiots comment on your work. You should only allow fans that care about this team enough to hear the bad with the good, and who have a little respect for players who put their heart and soul into the program regardless of the outcome. Keep up the good work Jon and Ben.

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