Inside UCLA Podcast, Episode 18: Special combined UCLA/JV Show

Daily News staff writers Jon Gold and Vinny Bonsignore recorded today’s episode in Vinny’s Austin, Texas, hotel room in the run-up to Saturday’s UCLA vs. Texas game.

Among the highlights of today’s show:

  • Vinny says Austin is “a college football cathedral”
  • They run into a ton of UCLA fans
  • They are working on a story about the Austin football scene.
  • Austin has a small-town feel — a community atmosphere that rallies around the Longhorns’ football and basketball programs
  • Austin is the state capital and is heavily into politics, music and sports
  • Does Vinny really have a Neil Young tattoo?
  • Jon and Vinny met a fan celebrating his bachelor party with group of UCLA fans in Austin … but he’s already married
  • Turning to the NBA, the Carmelo Anthony trade to the New Jersey Nets looks like a good fit, says Jon
  • Do players really want to “return home,” LeBron style?
  • In a two-on-two game, who would win in the Jordan-Bonsignore vs. LeBron-Gold matchup?
  • Extended talk about the state of the NBA and the Lakers
  • In the NFL, what about the Vikings? Brett Favre is a little beat up right now, says Vinny
  • A look at the power rankings in the NFL
  • Is Jimmy Clauson ready for the Carolina Panthers? Vinny says yes, Jon doesn’t like “the Clauson face”
  • In Major League Baseball, Now that Manny Ramirez is with the White Sox, how’s he looking?
  • Vinny says the Dodgers aren’t a team where a manager gets his start. No offense to Don Mattingly, but he hasn’t been a manager before
  • It’s high drama in Austin as Jon loses his wallet … Jon and Vin look everywhere — stay tuned for the exciting conclusion

Listen to today’s podcast by clicking the play button above, downloading the MP3 directly, or going to the podcast home page and subscribing to the feeds for iTunes or your favorite podcast-listening application.

The Inside UCLA Podcast is produced by Jon Gold and Steven Rosenberg.

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