The Bush Affair

First impressions can be dangerous, especially with something complex like the allegations involving the family of Reggie Bush. Not that the Internet is ever a place for restraint.
But the Pac-10’s investigation into the living arrangement of Bush’s family in San Diego could be a lot more difficult to prove if Bush and his family fail to cooperate.
These cases usually are easier to prove when a player is trying to retain his college eligibilty and will supply vital documents for reinstatement. With Bush expected to be the No. 1 pick in this week’s NFL draft, there’s no incentive for him or his family to cooperate.
Remember how Mike Williams supplied all financial records of money he took from an agent after he decided to play one more year. That’s not the case here.
So how will this affect USC? It all depends if a link can be established showing the university was aware of the possible violations. Again, that could be difficult to prove without Bush’s assistance. The bottom line is we’re a long, long way from USC forfeiting games right now, although that will be the most intriguing aspect of this case the next few months.

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