`When It Rains It Pours’

I was on the phone with a USC coach when the news hit that freshman quarterback Mark Sanchez was arrested for sexual assault.
“When it rains it pours, the coach said.
Sanchez was released late Wednesday night on $200,000 bail and after speaking with more people than I can keep track, Im led to believe some facts may emerge soon that will help Sanchezs case.
I hope to find out more details today.
I have no idea what happened in Sanchezs apartment on Tuesday night with a female student. But I am surprised the LAPD arrested Sanchez so quickly and turned Cardinal Gardens into a media circus with at least five TV vans camped outside all night.
If the recent incidents involving USC tailback Hershel Dennis and former cornerback Eric Wright proved anything, its that the district attorneys office moves with caution in high-profile sexual-assault cases. Maybe it wouldnt have hurt to question Sanchez and others before making an arrest, much like with Dennis.
That said, the part of this case that disturbs me is witnesses said Sanchez, who is 19, was drinking at the 901 club on Tuesday night. This is an issue USC coach Pete Carroll needs to address and Im not just referring to Sanchez. He needs to discuss it with the entire team.

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