Radio Wars, Cont.

Effective immediately, Pete Arbogast is no longer doing sports updates on 1540-AM. Seems the station was a little upset that 710-AM used Arbogast’s play-by-play for promotional purposes last week.
All I really care about from all this is whether Petros Papadakis can still say “How do you do!” or find someone else to needle in the studio.
But seriously, this is example No. 2 (or is No. 3) of how touchy the egos in the radio business can be. We mentioned last week that 1540 denied 710 the use of its existing ISDN lines in Heritage Hall for a live broadcast. This is rivalry that may not go away, much like Matt Leinart.

Chauncey Washington Update

There’s been a fair amount of confusion over tailback Chauncey Washington’s academic status, which I partially attribute to USC for its sketchy explanations.
So in an effort to clear things up, here’s the deal.
Washington is currently taking 10 units, which is why he was ineligible for spring practice. You must take at least 12 units to be a full-time student.
If Washington gets a 3.0 this spring, he is eligible. If he doesn’t he needs to take a 2-unit summer course to become eligible. Washington says his grades are “great” right now and he doesn’t think he will require summer school.

No Rush

For several weeks, there’s been speculation that Oaks Christian quarterback Jimmy Clausen could commit to the Irish when he visits next weekend. But now it sounds like he could wait until February to make his decision, which would maximize the publicity surrounding his announcement.
That move would show a shrewd side not seen in a quarterback since Matt Leinart left USC and began trying to pressure the Tennessee Titans into making him the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

Philadelphia or San Diego?

USC offensive lineman Winston Justice is coveted by the San Diego Chargers and sources said the NFL team is thinking of moving up in the first round before he gets taken by another team.
San Diego owns the 19th pick. Philadelphia, which picks 14th, told Justice they would select him if he’s still available. The current conventional wisdom has Justice getting selected somewhere between the eighth and 13th picks.

Believe It Or Not

USC basketball player Jeremy Barr rejected an invitation to play for the football team before deciding to transfer after the semester ends. But Barr IS considering playing football at his next destination.
Barr’s dream choices are Purdue, Wake Forest and Texas A&M, but those schools have yet to express an interest in him. However, his chances might increase as a two-sport player.
It’s ironic he would be open to football considering he bypassed a chance to play for highly respected USC offensive line coach Pat Ruel.
But then again, maybe’s he not really serious about playing football.

No Decision Required

USC releases its depth chart tomorrow. With Josh Pinkard and Kevin Ellison the starting safeties, it looks like sophomores Kevin Thomas and Cary Harris will be the starting cornerbacks, with the injured Terrell Thomas waiting to return for training camp.
The interesting position to look at will be linebacker, to see if Dallas Sartz or Brian Cushing starts and middle linebacker, where Oscar Lua and Rey Maualuga are battling for the No. 1 spot.
Then there is defensive end, where Jeff Schweiger and Kyle Moore are neck-and-neck at one spot.
Oh wait, this is spring. No tough decisions get made here. That means the depth chart can say Sartz “or Cushing without actually naming a starter. And since Lua is a veteran, why start a controversy there? List the senior first.
Heck, even the quarterback position wont be decided until training camp. If you want real answers, wait till August.

The Best

USC receives an unofficial visit from junior tailback Jahvid Best this weekend. Best, who is from Salesian High School in Richmond, Calif., averaged 10.43 yards per carry and gained 1,432 yards with 16 touchdowns last season while leading his school to the North Coast Section Class A championship.
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Like the gift that keeps on giving, former USC quarterback Matt Leinart never seems to leave the spotlight. Leinart is a guest on an upcoming episode of the MTV show “Punkd, which started its new season last week.
So what prank is pulled on Leinart? Without going into details, we hear it involves the worlds oldest profession.

A Little Roundball

Although today is the first day of the basketball signing period, Artesia point guard Derek Glasser is expected to sign his letter-of-intent with USC on Thursday.
Glasser was originally recruited by Colorado State, New Mexico, Pacific and St. Mary’s, but said he’s gotten additional interest since Artesia won the Division III state title.
“Since we won state, the phone’s been ringing a lot,” Glasser said. “Everybody’s looking for a point guard. Seton Hall’s been calling me.”
Meanwhile, UC Irvine is interested in freshman guard Collin Robinson, who is transferring after the semester. Robinson’s also drawn interest from Boston University and Columbia. Other possible choices include Cornell and Colgate.