Trojans For Life?

Nebraska coach Bill Callahan just spoke to a recently departed USC assistant coach for some pointers on dealing with the Trojans next season. It’s becoming a popular pastime, apparently, after we reported in March that a former USC assistant called one of the Trojans’ nonconference opponents and offered advice for next year’s game.

Scholarship Offer

USC coach Pete Carroll offered Valencia defensive back Shane Vereen a scholarship this week. Vereen, who also plays tailback, is considering being a two-way player in college and finished fourth in the 100 meters (10.69 seconds) at the Division I track-and-field finals last weekend.
The Trojans are actually playing catchup on Vereen, who was offered a month ago by UCLA.

Just Friends

Matt Leinart described Paris Hilton as “a friend in his recent ESPN diary. But our spies tell us the pair spent last weekend at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. Doubters might want to check with the Auto Club, which was called when Hilton experienced car trouble.
Luckily, the tabloids did not get wind of the rendezvous or the Arizona Cardinals might be upset.
While only the gullible/ignorant actually believe the couple are not an actual couple, maybe this is Pete Carrolls fault too, since last week Bob Leinart told the Arizona Republic, “(Carroll) encourages Hollywood people to come to practice . . . Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell. I don’t think he saw the repercussions.
Just for fun, I ran that quote past Carroll this week. Lets just say we both got a good laugh over it.
UPDATE: Did anyone else notice the newspaper report that Leinart partied with Jessica Alba, Robert Downey Jr. and Deborah Harry last weekend?

Longhorn Lesson

Texas coach Mack Brown sent a text message congratulating defensive end Brian Robison after he won the discus and shot put at the Big 12 Conference track championships. Freshman tailback Jamaal Charles also won the 100 meters.
That means the Longhorn football team scored 30 points at the meet and demonstrated multi-sport athletes can thrive and football teams can still win national titles. Thats been almost non-existent the past five years at USC, unless the player is not even on the depth chart (former quarterback Billy Hart and baseball) or playing a sport that does not interfere with spring practice (Gregg Guenther, basketball).
Other players, like linebacker Oscar Lua, were supposed to play baseball but never did. And the last time a meaningful player ran track was around the time Paul Hackett was the coach. Reggie Bush was supposed to run track but never did.
Perhaps sprinter/wide receiver Jamere Holland, who is too fast to deny a track career, will start a new trend of multi-sport athletes when he arrives next year.

So Now We Know What Interim Suspension Means

USC quarterback Mark Sanchez is prohibited from participating in summer football workouts until his sexual-assault case is resolved. That apparently is the penalty from being under “interim suspension according to the student affairs office.
Ive already mentioned several times that those close to the investigation believe the case is weak and I suspect the case will be closed soon. So why is Sanchez unable to work out with his teammates?
My university sources offer these reasons: Student affairs needs some cover in case the district attorney actually filed charges and the suspension also addresses the issue of underage drinking, because Sanchez was at an off-campus club the night of the alleged incident.
The fact Sanchez is allowed to attend summer school is offered as an example of the universitys faith that Sanchez would not be charged with a crime.

A Bruin Represents A Trojan . . . And a Trojan Represents A Bruin

Who said crosstown rivals can’t be friends?
UCLA alum Leonard Levine is the attorney for USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. And we just heard that former UCLA tailback Maurice Drew is being represented by USC grad Aaron Dyer with his recent legal situation.
Some of you basketball diehards might remember Dyer as a walk-on to the USC basketball team in the mid-1980′s. Just to show no one is beyond our grasp, a few of you Ventura County experts might even recall Dyer made 19-of-19 free throws to help Ventura High win the Kiwanis Tournament in 1983.

USC vs. George Washington

USC plays George Washington in the Wooden Classic on Dec. 9 at the Pond in Anaheim. The Trojans will play in the second game, following UCLA-Texas A&M.
That will present a dilemma for some fans, because there will likely be a bowl football practice that day.

Upon Further Review

A couple days ago I mentioned how physically impressive Long Beach Poly wide receiver Bryshon Nellum appeared at the Division I track-and-field finals. He won the 200 meters with the third-fastest time in the nation.
One problem for football coaches is that Nellum (6-0, 175) played sparingly last season with just two receptions and requires more evaluation. However, his stature and speed alone are causing colleges to investigate and I can definitely say USC is among those that highly intrigued right now.

The Clausen Effect?

Theres been an assumption that quarterback Jimmy Clausens commitment to Notre Dame would automatically lead to a follow-up commitment from his teammate at Oaks Christian High, tailback Marc Tyler.
But my sources at Oaks Christian tell me Tyler says he will not go to Notre Dame and did not enjoy his visit to South Bend last month, when Clausen famously announced he would play for the Irish at the College Football Hall of Fame.
Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis visited Oaks Christian last week but sources say Tyler currently favors USC.
For what its worth, USC is recruiting safety Marshall Jones as hard as any player on the Oaks Christian team, including Clausen.