Another Opinion

In a previous post I mentioned Anthony Davis would be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. I also said I wondered if he would charge for autographs in South Bend, like he does at the Coliseum for the Notre Dame-USC game.
Reader FDOG sent in this post that is worth looking at:

A few questions …

Did Morley Drury or Mort Kaer ever set up a table outside the Coliseum to charge for autographs? How about Erny Pinckert or Orv Mohler? Surely Cotton Warburton could have drawn a crowd and made a few bucks. If not, how about Gifford, Sears, Jaguar Jon, Iron Mike, Cunningham, Swann or Lott?

The best question is …

Has anyone EVER seen anyone BUT Anthony Davis and Charles White setting up shop outside the Peristyle?

Answer …


Don’t make excuses for the man. He has to do what he has to do. End of story. Pay/donate if you want. But please don’t make excuses for the man.

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