No More Stunts

So now we know why USC canned its cheerleaders. The Pac-10 released guidelines today on acceptable cheerleading activities. Actually, it probably affects USC the least because its spirit squads are not known for any acrobatic stunts.
Here’s the guidelines:


WALNUT CREEK, Calif.–The Pacific-10 Conference has established new safety guidelines for
cheerleading activities for all contests held at Pac-10 venues, Commissioner Tom Hansen
Hansen emphasized that cheerleading and performances of the cheerleaders are an important
part of the game-day experience at Pac-10 Conference institutions. However, as cheerleading
has evolved into a competitive activity nationally prompting cheer squads to perform more
dramatic and risky skills, safety concerns for the cheerleading participants led the Pac-10
Council to establish guidelines for cheerleader activities at Pac-10 intercollegiate events. This
action is being taken in conjunction with similar actions by the NCAA and national
cheerleading associations to limit the permissible activities of cheerleaders to reduce the risk of
The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) recently
implemented new safety rules for basketball and indoor courts for 2006-07, which the Pac-10
guidelines will follow. The following skills are prohibited under the new safety rules:
a. Basket tosses, elevator tosses, and other similar multi-based tosses.
b. Partner stunts in which the base uses only one arm to support the top person.
c. Flips or twists into or from partner stunts.
d. Two-and-one-half person high pyramids.
e. Twisting tumbling stunts.
These new safety rules will be applied by the Pac-10 not just to indoor courts, but to all sports
and venues, including football. The AACCA exceptions for half-time or post-gameperformances shall be disallowed, and the above skills will not be permitted at any time
during any intercollegiate event. In addition, the current year AACCA College Cheerleading
Safety Rules must be followed for those activities which remain permissible.
The guidelines shall apply to all Conference and non-conference contests at Pac-10 sites. The
guidelines shall apply to both home and visiting cheerleaders and spirit groups. Home game
management shall be responsible for enforcing these guidelines for both the home and
visiting cheer squads.
“The Conference was pleased to see the AACCA take the steps it did,” stated Hansen. “We
believe the same safety standards should apply to all events.”