Live Mock Game Updates

A live recap of the mock game, which featured the first team against the scout team.

If you didn’t come you’re not alone. The crowd is much smaller than at last year’s mock game, probably because of the late start. However, that did not stop the Coliseum from running out of hot dogs. Unlike last year, the Coliseum is not mistakenly selling beer.
The first home game is still nearly a month away, which is good because the field clearly needs work. The goal line near the tunnel entrance is noticeably chewed up.

And we’re off, Cary Harris returns the kickoff 39 yards. The first-team offense is facing reserves, and John David Booty completes a 19-yard pass to Steve Smith, 7-yard pass to C.J. Gable, 9-yard pass to Smith and Gable gains 7 off tackle.
Booty throws a 20-yard touchdown pass to always impressive freshman tight end Anthony McCoy, who caught a touchdown in Thursday’s scrimmage. Shareece Wright and Luthur Brown each had two tackles in the series.

Wright makes a freshman mistake by fielding a kickoff that is headed out of bounds at the 13, and then going out of bounds. The scout team offense comes in with Mike McDonald and doesn’t gain a yard, with safety Kevin Ellison nearly intercepting a pass.
Desmond Reed returns the punt 60 yards for a TD.

The scout team goes three-and-out again, and Booty is back to face the reserves. Booty finds Brad Walker for 12 yards, but Clay Matthews applies nice pressure to force an incompletion. Allen Bradford then sweeps right for 7 yards. Bradford goes for 11 and Emmanuel Moody jukes for 7, before fullback Ryan Powdrell gains 9 up the middle.
Two false starts by the offense line bring the ball back 10 yards before Booty completes a 4-yard pass to Walker.
Moody gains 8 around the left end but Smith drops a short pass on 3rd down, so Mario Danelo kicks a 23-yard field goal.

Scout team offense back on field. It’s tough work for the reserves tonight going against the first teams. Actually, the first-and-second teams, as players like Oscar Lua and Taylor Mays are rotating in on the defense. The reserves are making headway though, as Travon Patterson catches two passes for 18 yards and tight end Jimmy Miller makes a 7-yard reception. Stafon Johnson gains 9 yards on two carries. Johnson then gains 4 and 6 yards to push the scout team to the 27.
On 3rd-and-10, McDonald completes a 13-yard pass to Patrick Turner. Mark Sanchez must be antsy for some action with less than 4 minutes left in the first half. Johnson gains 4 to take the ball to the 8-yard line. Two straight incompletions and David Buehler kicks a 26-yard field goal that is blocked after a somewhat high snap.

John David Booty scrambles for 27 yards, then Sanchez gets inserted into the game for the first time. Sanchez completes a 6-yard pass to Smith and 8-yard pass to Michael Coleman before finding Travon Patterson alone for a 27-yard gain to the 7-yard line. Sanchez throws a 4-yard TD pass to Powdrell. The offensive stats should be pretty good tonight going against the scout team.

The PA announcer is not exactly in midseason form, calling Emmanuel Moody “Manuel Wright.” Well, maybe Wright can come back from the NFL since he has those extra years of eligibility. He also says “Vidal Hazelton” is covering a receiver instead of Cary Harris.

It’s getting sloppy for the scout team, as Taylor Odegard’s punt is blocked by Kyle Moore. Booty right back in and throws incompletion. A personal foul penalty also stalls the drive, as Danelo kicks a 35-yard field goal to end the first half. Sanchez threw four passes while McDonald threw about 15.

Haltime stats: Booty 10-12, 98 yards 1 TD
Sanchez 4-4, 45 yards, 1 TD
McDonald 6-17, 55 yards

Whoa, the PA guy announces Chauncey Washington returning a kickoff. Alas, it’s Vincent Joseph. But that doesn’t stop a second reference, “Chauncey Washington from 5 yards deep!!!!’ Joseph returns the kick 42 yards.

The band just left, but Stafon Johnson gained 16 yards for the scout team. Mozique McCurtis intercepts McDonald’s pass, the first interception of the night. Booty’s back, but fumbles a snap, which means someone other than Ryan Kail is in the game. This time it’s backup center Travis Draper.

We’re deep into the scout team now, with McDonald even out of the game. At least it gets interesting as C.J. Gable breaks through for a 24-yard run (incorrectly called Stanley Havili if you’re at the game). Gable’s runs against the real defense are one reason Pete Carroll’s called him the most consistent runner of camp. Gable’s touchdown cuts the scout team’s deficit to 27-7.

Gable returns the kickoff 37 yards and is still called Havili on the PA. Sanchez back in and he completes a 17-yard pass to Smith on 3rd-and-14. Sanchez hits Hazelton (the real one) with a 17-yard pass and Moody breaks a 13-yard run up the middle.

Gable ends the slaughter with an 11-yard TD run. It’s good to be a starter, the stats are better tonight.

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