While USC fans might yearn for his return, we hear there’s only two jobs right now that would seriously appeal to Norm Chow under ideal circumstances: North Carolina State and Arizona State.

Unsung Hero, Part II

It never showed up in the stats, but another player who drew praise on special teams was linebacker Kaluka Maiava. Speaking of stats, defensive end Lawrence Jackson was credited with two half-sacks and three assisted tackles that were not originally given to him Saturday night.

Regarding Pullman

Since 1984, USC is 8-2 in games played in Pullman, Wash. The losses were memorable: 1986, 34-14, USC’s worst loss ever to Washington State and 2002, the overtime loss that was the Trojans’ final loss of that Orange Bowl-season.
There have been some close calls: 1989, 1991, 1996, and 1999. The 1986 game was the only time a USC team in the AP Top 10 lost to Washington State. Top 10 USC teams are 14-1 against Washington State, with No. 3-ranked USC teams 2-0 (1975 and 2003).

Lesson Learned

A lot of comparisons were made around USC on Monday between the 2003 and 2006 seasons because of the similarities (first-year quarterbacks, freshmen tailbacks). But when USC lost its fourth game in 2003, consider that Reggie Bush entered that contest with just 20 carries and LenDale White 15.
The same mistake is not being made this time around. Emmanuel Moody already has 37 carries (and 258 yards). USC coach Pete Carroll made sure he didn’t wait too long this time around to have a freshman tailback ready to go for Pac-10 play. Whatever else happens, Moody’s got more experience than Bush/White at a similar stage.

Unsung Hero

Someone who stood out against Arizona was freshman cornerback Vincent Joseph, who made some key blocks on special teams and a tackle as he filled the vital role of gunner on the punt team.

Key Quote

From vice president of student affairs Michael Jackson on the student-ticket fiasco.
“We did not plan well; we did not communicate well; we did not seek student advice to the degree that we needed to.”

Jarrett Update

Pete Carroll said Dwayne Jarrett wants to try to return this week but it’s too soon to tell if he will.
No changes to the fullback position yet but Carroll said the tight ends will perform more blocking duties usually reserved for the fullback. That includes Fred Davis and Dale Thompson.

Less Takeaways

USC coach Pete Carroll prides himself on the fact the Trojans led the nation in turnover ratio the past five years (+1.5) and the 189 takeaways in that span also was tops in the country.
But USC is just +1 in the past two games.
“Im always concerned about the turnover situation,” Carroll said. “We need to get the ball and put it on that end of the field. The one interception (against Arizona), that can happen. Chauncey (Washington) got one punched out. Its keeping the score down.”