A Position Change

Thomas Williams practiced exclusively at fullback today.
“We’ve moved him and we’re going to go for it,” Pete Carroll said. “We’re going to find a spot for him. We’re looking for a physical presence.”
Mark Sanchez and Allen Bradford ran laps after fumbling an exchange. Bradford also ran after fumbling another time. Freshman tailback Stafon Johnson practiced with the scout team.

Fullback Update

Fullback Stanley Havili is still hoping to return and will be examined by doctors tonight. His return might be vital since the fullback position continues to atrophy each week in the offense.
UPDATED: Looks like Havili will need to wait another week before practicing.

Rotation Or Not?

USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin said it was decided before the Oregon State game to abandon the tailback rotation and go with junior Chauncey Washington.
“That was the thought. (Washington) had a great game against Arizona State and a great week of practice,” Kiffin said. “He ran really well, but the fumbles were a problem. If it continues to happen, he won’t play.”

About The Lack Of Turnovers

For all the comments before and after games about the lack of forced turnovers, it’s interesting to note USC’s recovered five fumbles this season. Last season at this stage the Trojans also recovered five fumbles.
Apparently, that aspect of forced turnovers is not as big a deal as originally thought.
There is a disparity in interceptions. USC intercepted five passes in its first seven games this season. Last year, it had 11. But remember the Trojans were often ahead by large margins in games, forcing teams to throw more last season.
Maybe the offense just score more points last season no matter where it was.

McKeever Moment

If you are like me, you are probably too young to remember former USC All-American Marlin McKeever. Heres a glimpse of one of his greatest moments, the 1960 USC-UCLA game according to the book, “USC Vs UCLA: The Best Little Rivalry in Town a Game-By-Game History of America’s Greatest Football Rivalry.
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A Subtle Shift

USC employed sophomore defensive end Kyle Moore more (pardon the pun) against Oregon State as part of a traditional four-man pass rush. Perhaps an admission that the 3-4 defense (or whatever you want to call it with a fourth linebacker on the field) was not working as well as hoped?

Getting Better?

For several weeks, we’ve stressed the theme, “Is USC improving?” in different posts. One example might be the offensive line, which committed several penalties, including false starts against Oregon State. In past years, it seemed like the noise from hostile crowds would cause penalties early in the season but then it would no longer become an issue.
“We really tried to stress that last week so it wasn’t an issue,” USC coach Pete Carroll said. “I don’t think it was any louder than the other places we’ve played this season. But it still jumped up.”


In typical form, USC coach Pete Carroll said he will not discuss the BCS situation with the Trojans any more than a few comments following the loss to Oregon State.
“I wont spend any more time on it, Carroll said. “I havent even thought about it.
But the Pacific-10 Conference race is an acceptable talking point.
“We have to win every game, Carroll said. “Thats all. Thats the issue right now.

Point Of Emphasis

Pete Carroll said Sunday night that tailback Chauncey Washington’s fumbles will be a talking point this week.
“Well be real hard on him, Carroll said. “Well address ball security. When youre the lead back, you have to be the best at it.