McKeever Moment

If you are like me, you are probably too young to remember former USC All-American Marlin McKeever. Heres a glimpse of one of his greatest moments, the 1960 USC-UCLA game according to the book, “USC Vs UCLA: The Best Little Rivalry in Town a Game-By-Game History of America’s Greatest Football Rivalry.

USC went into the UCLA game in 1960 as 12-pont the No. 11-ranked Bruins. They emerged with a 17-6 upset — the only USC win over UCLA listed as a “major upset” in the USC media guide. The Trojans were hampered by a lot of injuries, including Marlin McKeever’s brother Mike.
USC opened scoring on a 22-yard touchdown pass from QB Bill Nelsen to McKeever. Nelsen hit an open McKeever at the UCLA 2, and the USC end proceeded into the end zone.
USC was up 14-0 at the half, and UCLA did not score until the last quarter. USC dominated the stats, with 333 net yards to the Bruins’ 171, and 20 first downs to the UCLAs 10. All American Bill Kilmer was held to 29 yards rushing, and completed only 4 of 17 passes, for 80 yards and three interceptions.
USC coach John McKay said: “Our whole objective was to keep Kilmer from going out to pass or run. We wanted to wreck that option by making him stop and commit himself. Marlin McKeever was the key. He pushed right at Kilmer.”
The game ball was awarded to Marlin’s brother, who, convalescing from brain surgery, watched the game from the sideline.

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