My Bad

USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin blamed himself for John David Booty’s second interception to defensive tackle Trevor Laws.
“I called down to the field to talk to Booty on the phone, which I dont do often, and I said the second interception was my fault because it was a bad call, Kiffin said. “We needed him and he came back and played well.

Grudge Match

Wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett, who caught three touchdown passes and had 132 yards receiving, apparently had a couple reasons to be angry before the game.
“Notre Dame did not recruit him and he has a chip on his shoulder this year that hes not being recognized (for post-season awards), offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin said.

Weis Unplugged

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis on quarterback Brady Quinn.
“He didn’t get much help, a bunch of balls went off hands. He was far from perfect but join the club, I was far from perfect.”
Weis on the final stats.
“Stats are for losers. The bottom line is we moved the ball but didn’t put it in the end zone.”

Celebrity Sightings

On the field at kickoff, Will Ferrell wearing a bucket hat to disguise himself, the guy from JAG and some other series and Robert Patrick, who I think hung himself on the Sopranos, or maybe that was four other characters.

Different Defense

If USC coach Pete Carroll remembers anything about last years Notre Dame game, besides the final-minute heroics, it was the way Coach Charlie Weis frustrated him on an 87-yard drive that gave the Irish a 31-27 lead with 2:02 remaining.
“I didnt feel like the defense could stop them, Carroll said. “He called some good stuff. They threw so short and so quick, they had some really nice plays. They had a lot of momentum and rhythm.
Has USCs defense felt as helpless this season?
“About six times, Carroll said. “Every game in the middle of the year.
The difference is the Trojans usually survived those rough moments this season and did not fold at the end of the game.
“Were better, Carroll said.

Carroll Vs. Weis

A veteran college coach who watched film of both teams offered this analysis:
“Charlie (Weis) will do all the little things he likes, like a no-huddle offense, no backs, a quick tempo,” he said. “And Pete’s answer will be to blitz.”