That Answers That

USC coach Pete Carroll said he would not fire any assistant coaches after the season, regardless of what happens in todays Rose Bowl.
The No. 8-ranked Trojans are 10-2, which is successful by most standards, but theres been a lot of fan criticism, especially directed toward offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.
“Im not making any changes, Carroll said. “Im not doing anything.

Bush Vs. USC, Part II

A USC spokesperson said the issue of whether Reggie Bush requested a sideline pass for the Rose Bowl is moot because BCS rules allow only five VIP sideline passes and they were given out before Bush requested a pass. The passes were given to former USC players Ronnie Lott, Matt Leinart, Marcus Allen, Charles White and John Papadakis.
“It’s not like it’s a home game where there’s unlimited passes, spokesperson Tim Tessalone said. “That’s what I can tell you about it.

`A Fluke’

About a month later, opinions on the UCLA lost are changing slightly.
“That was a fluke,” said a USC player that did not wish to be identified. “Especially after seeing Florida State beat them.”

Under Pressure

A Pac-10 coach said today that the loser of the Rose Bowl will have a lot of explaining to do in the offseason.
“Both teams have a lot at stake. Someone will have a tough offseason losing to their crosstown rival and a bowl game. it’s like playing a bowl game against Fresno State and losing.
“Michigan feels like they can’t afford to lose. Both teams are like `we can’t lose.’ ”

Another Transfer?

USC defensive tackle Walker Lee Ashley has left the football program and is trying to decide whether to return.
“He left, USC coach Pete Carroll said. “Im not sure if hes coming back. Its not finalized. I did talk to his dad and were trying to figure out the best thing for him.
Ashley denied earlier this month he would transfer to Minnesota, which is where he was raised.
“I have no idea where it came from, Ashley said. “Im cool right here. It was all just rumors.

We’ve Heard This Before

Could this actually be the time linebacker Clay Matthews get his first start with Dallas Sartz not 100 percent? In the past, it’s been hinted that Matthews would start, only for Sartz or whoever else he replaced getting healthy in time to play.
“I think they are unsure (about Sartz), Matthews said. “I guess I would be the next linebacker but well see when game time comes around. I cant really expect anything.