Be Careful What You Wish For

There’s obviously a lot of fans thrilled at the departure of Lane Kiffin, but what will be different following his departure?
New play-caller Steve Sarkisian wanted to take Kiffin to Oakland if he accepted the Raiders job and the two were always in-sync while working together the past two years. The pair spoke frequently before Sarkisian was rehired in 2005, to the dismay of former offensive coordinator Norm Chow. And Sarkisian enjoyed veto power over Kiffin’s playcalling along with Pete Carroll the past two seasons.
The offense will now be a Carroll-Sarkisian effort instead of a three-headed monster. But it would be foolish to think massive changes will be enacted next season.

Sarkisian Takes Over

USC assistant head coach Steve Sarkisian will call plays for the Trojans next season with Lane Kiffin going to the Raiders.
Sarkisian will be granted complete control of the offense following the Raiders surprising hire of Kiffin, who is only 31-years-old and never coached in the NFL.
“(Sarkisian) is going to assume all of the responsibility, USC coach Pete Carroll said. “He will be in charge of the offense. Hes going to take over all of it.”

Foresight Is 20-20

Add another talent to Pete Carroll’s arsenal: Foresight.
A year ago, Carroll advised DeWayne Walker to take a job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and turn down the UCLA defensive coordinator’s job. If Walker took the Bucs job, USC likely defeats UCLA and goes to the national championship. And he might be out of a job. USC assistant Greg Burns took the Tampa Bay job instead and got fired after one season.

Offense Or Defense

Losing James Wilson does not necessarily mean USC will have less offensive linemen as part of its recruiting class. Although he is a defensive end, Michael Reardon of Orange Lutheran might switch to offense for college football.

What Happened With Wilson?

Why did offensive lineman James Wilson decommit and go to Florida? We hear Wilson became disenchanted at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl when all the USC recruits were on the West team while he played on the East team with the Florida recruits (the Gators had five commits playing).
Another influential person was Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who also considered USC a year ago. Tebow helped convince Wilson to change his mind and the rest is history.