No Thanks

Fullback Jody Adewale said he was asked again to participate in spring drills by the coaching staff but declined because of time constraints and because he already got a job.

Any Change?

Before Pro Day, wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett was considered a mid-to-late first round pick. After Pro Day, he’s considered a mid-to-late first round pick. His slow 40 time was not considered a huge setback.
“We didn’t expect him to be fast anyways,” one NFL coach said.

The Buzz

Memo to Internet recruiting websites. Now we’re hearing that Compton High defensive end Datone Jones is probably the shakiest commitment from the recent haul of prospects by UCLA.

This Just In

OK, maybe we spoke too soon when we recounted our favorite Pro Day memory. We now hear that former USC tailback Sultan McCullough and linebacker Mike Pollard will also be participating in tomorrow’s Pro Day.
We thought Pro Day was reserved for “current” USC players but apparently were mistaken. This at least adds some drama to the festivities, which were sorely lacking with Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and 3,000 fans skipping this year’s workout.

Shotgun U.

USC broke out the shotgun offense today with quarterback John David Booty enjoying the formation he ran in high school.
“It might help us out,” Pete Carroll said.
“It’s not any big transition for John David.”
Vidal Hazelton and Fred Davis got extensive work today with lots of downfield passes. Carroll also praised the freshmen linemen, like Zach Heberer and Butch Lewis.

Pro Day Memories

With Pro Day tomorrow, it’s time to recount our favorite story involving football player workouts before NFL teams. Back in 2001 before there was so much interest, tight end Antoine Harris worked out for scouts and coaches when word spread that the police and campus security were headed to Howard Jones Field because of an alleged sexual assault accusation.
Before law enforcement arrived, however, Harris took off his cleats, jumped the fence at Howard Jones Field and fled the scene.
Harris eventually cooperated with authorities and no charges were filed.