Open Forum Answers

Answers to this week’s questions:

You won’t see many walk-ons in the fall, unless you count punter Greg Woidneck (not on scholarship yet). Not many made the team this week when cuts were made.

Mark Sanchez said he is unconcerned about Mitch Mustain’s transfer. If it bothers him, he will keep it to himself. It will be a lot more important a year from now. And he’s not going to transfer this season, to answer future questions.

Taylor Mays has the edge over Josh Pinkard mainly due to Pinkard’s recovery from injury. It won’t be shocking for both to play, as Darnell Bing and Scott Ware shared the spot for a year although Pinkard could move to cornerback. Pinkard played 4-5 positions two years ago and really needs to be on the field somewhere.

It’s likely USC will get some commitments next month when Pete Carroll hits the road recruiting. Linebacker Brendan Beal of New Jersey could be among them.

Keith Rivers will start over Kaluka Maiava at WLB, even if Pete Carroll says at a Trojan club that Maiava will start (like last year).

If UCLA beats Notre Dame, it might not be a huge boost in the polls because the Irish lost so many starters from last season. The same applies to USC if it beats Notre Dame.

The shotgun could be used in certain situations but it’s doubtful the coaches even know how much right now. Part of it depends on how successful it is in training camp and the first few games.

Bad draft predictions: Jarrett — late first/early second round, Kalil — second round, Smith — 2nd/3rd round, Sartz — second day,

My first pick: Adrian Peterson. The actual first pick: Jamarcus Russell.

Cushing will wear 10 as long as he is at USC.

USC likes Texas tailback recruit Sam McGuffie and he likes them but there’s no reason to get worried because he has not committed yet.

It’s entirely possible Broderick Green could move to fullback next season, if he’s given assurances he would actually carry the ball, unlike most fullbacks in the Trojans offense. But I wouldn’t expect Allen Bradford-like resistance.

The offense has not gotten the ball downfield to the TE for at least two years, which is exactly the time Norm Chow left. Coincidence or not!

Jamarcus Russell-Brady Quinn strikes me as a less talented version of the Vince Young-Matt Leinart debate. Russell and Lane Kiffin just seems like an odd combination, but that’s the Raiders problem.

UCLA should be a top 20 team. For starters, they return a lot of players on defense, upgraded at offensive coordinator and played the hard road games in the Pac-10 last season. USC plays those same road teams this season.

Matt Spanos’ ankle will be fine by the season. Nick Howell will be the backup. Unless Spanos is ineligible. Last time I checked, he was attending classes regularly and doing well enough to obtain the necessary 2.3 GPA.

Thomas Herring’s dealt with family issues the past few years but is much improved and more mature than a year ago. He will be a backup tackle.

Stafon Johnson cannot redshirt because he played last year.

USC has three kickers, David Buehler, Brad Smith of Davidson and Brook Van Muijen. Buehler is the only one on scholarship.

Matt Grootegoed plays for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL and loves it.

No decals on spring or training camp helmets because they are saved for the opening of the season.

No names on back of jerseys for traditional purposes. Just like no white shoes. Nike tried to change the uniform for a game last year but USC declined. But aficianados will tell you the helmet and facemask underwent changes and the jerseys were switched in 2002 to an earlier version worn in the 1960’s.

The biggest thing against John David Booty winning the Heisman is the fact people are talking him up now, which raises expectations.

More Fred Davis? Not in the spring. Maybe in the fall.

Hershel Dennis will apply for a sixth year next month. Ryan Powdrell was told by the USC compliance office he did not qualify for the sixth year appeal.

USC does a lot of text messaging, just like other schools. Anything to communicate with recruits or “competing” as Pete Carroll would say.

Former Taft High School coach Troy Starr will move to Florida to become the Gators director of operations.

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