Surprise, Surprise

Rumor is that USC super lawyer Carmen Trutanich is representing safety Josh Pinkard following his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. Look for it to become official tomorrow.

What’s Next?

Ineligible defensive tackle Chris Barrett is trying to decide what to do next and is considering the NFL supplemental draft, Canadian Football League and NFL Europe as possible options.
Barrett could also transfer but that seems less preferable.

Late Maiava Update

Scott Mahoney, the step-father of USC linebacker Kaluka Maiava, called to say that a group of girls involved in the large altercation against Maiava’s little brother apologized at school Wednesday for their actions.
Kaluka Maiava got hit from the side while removing his brother from the altercation, Scott Mahoney said.
“It’s pretty much over,” Mahoney said. “If Kaluka didn’t go to USC no one would even mention him.”

Tailback Controversy?

USC might have about 10 tailbacks but if you read the previous post, the Vegas oddsmakers list C.J. Gable (not Chauncey Washington, Allen Bradford, Hershel Dennis, Joe McKnight) as the Trojan tailback with a chance to win the Heisman.
And we all know how Vegas always has inside information.

What’s Your Number?

The things we do for you readers.
It’s official: Quarterback Mitch Mustain will not, I repeat, will not wear No. 13 next season.
USC coach Pete Carroll said he was unaware anyone gave Mustain the same number as tailback Stafon Johnson even though Mustain is listed as No. 13 on the team roster (let’s see how long that stays online).
“I clear all number requests,” Carroll said. “We’ve never even talked about what number he would wear. I asked if anyone knew about it today. It won’t be 13.”
If Jim Healy were around, this is where you might hear, “Who goofed? I’ve got to know.”