Night And Day

You might have noticed the Las Vegas Review Journal reported over the weekend that USC quarterback John David Booty was in town Friday night at the Pure nightclub in Caesar’s Palace (link after the jump).
It barely rated a sentence, which leads one to wonder if there’s a double standard at work, considering the attention Matt Leinart received for his cavorting. Actually, the answer is simple. If you go out and do not make a spectacle of yourself, getting drunk and chasing C-list celebrities, you probably won’t get too much attention in the gossip columns.
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Down The Stretch

There are four freshmen waiting to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse as practice begins next week. More significantly, it does not appear as there are any “nightmare” cases, which means it’s possible every freshman could qualify.

No Break

Although USC players will get the rest of the week off after working out today, it’s not much of a break for the freshmen, most of whom have to stay on campus to attend summer classes.
“Some people are going home but I have class so I’m just going to stay here,” quarterback Aaron Corp said.

Walsh Tribute

Pete Carroll on the death of former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh.
“Everyone who loves football will miss one of the game’s great icons. He was an extraordinary mentor to so many coaches who are still in the game today. We all owe him greatly for his kindness and gifts.
“From the time I was a young college coach up to the present day, I’ve always been a great admirer of Bill and I’ve felt lucky to be a friend of his. All my thoughts are with his family. We will miss him dearly.”

Who Says The Pac-10 Isn’t No. 1?

A record 836 media credentials were issued for last week’s SEC Media Days event with 29 radio stations and 12 TV satellite trucks covering the event. It was reported that nearly 100 fans crammed into the lobby of the Winfrey Hotel at 6 a.m. in anticipation of Alabama coach Nick Saban’s arrival.
But that’s nothing because at Pac-10 media day we had the presence of several fan wanna-be Internet web site writers and the Pete Carroll-Petros Papadakis confrontation.

False Alarm

We hear or some Matt Leinart-approved media outlet will probably announce today a settlement for $15,000 per month for child support but our sources tell us no agreement’s been reached and the reports will be premature.
UPDATED: We were actually guessing about the media outlet when we wrote this item but it turns it we were right as is erroneously reporting the settlement.