It’s On

So the gloves are off in the Matt Leinart-Brynn Cameron affair, according to this report.
This story was leaked by Leinart’s camp to respond to an earlier story in the Ventura County-Star where Cameron spoke her mind. I guess those infrequent visits to Newbury Park and constant partying in Hollywood and Phoenix finally became a factor.
Anyway, this is the moment where I can say I recently bumped into Cole Cameron Leinart on campus and got a big hug from the friendly little guy (sorry Matt!).
But I really wonder what all this legal wrangling will do for his endorsement situation, something he deeply cares about after firing CAA earlier this year because he was frustrated over the endorsements earned by Reggie Bush. At least that’s what Leinart told people at USC.
Looks like there won’t be too many more stories in magazines now talking about fatherhood’s effect on him.

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