One Question Down

We couldn’t resist answering a Weekend Forum question right now, which asked why the team will not stay in Cardinal Gardens for training camp beginning this season? This is obviously in reaction to a similarly worded item that the World Champion paper in town wrote on Friday.
Only one problem: USC players have not stayed in Cardinal Gardens for training camp since 2004. Doh!
Maybe we’ve finally found a good reason for the Open Forum. To set things straight for others, including papers.

Now, if you want to know why the change was made, it was a reaction to the problems that arose, such as the Hershel Dennis incident, because the players are confined to a dorm instead of sprawling apartments.
Of course, in 2005, it didn’t stop Matt Leinart from being a ringleader for a group of players who stormed Mark Sanchez’s dorm and shaved his head. That drew a stern lecture from Pete Carroll who reminded the Trojans that hazing is not allowed.

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