Weekend Forum Answers

I felt strange not answering Mitch Mustain questions every third answer but survived this exercise anyways.

Darnell Big did think he was ready to turn pro. He even stopped taking Pete Carrol’s phone calls near the end because he didn’t want to hear he should return for another season. He probably never imagined Lane Kiffin would be his coach either one day.

Kobe or Matt? It’s no contest. Petros despises Leinart more. At least Kobe allowed himself to be interviewed by Petros a couple months ago.

Vidal Hazelton will likely start the season No. 1 at one wide receiver spot, but as I’ve said before it will be written with a No. 2 pencil.

The coaching staff has not had a chance to evaluate Mitch Mustain other than watching some game films from last season, so they are just as curious as you are to see him practice. Wait, they could never be that curious.

Rey Maualuga will have questions to answer whenever he turns pro, just like Winston Justice did. The best answer would be a trouble-free junior season and he can offer the fact he had a GPA better than 3.0 last year.

There are currently no plans to play an SEC team, however, if you live in the South, USC recently signed a home-and-home series with Virginia. That counts as the South, right?

The broken pedal incident grows by the day. I never considered Leinart’s lawyers as suspects. His lackeys? Definitely. But not his lawyers. It’s a genius plan, however.

Troy Van Blarcom’s expulsion does affect USC’s APR. One way to lessen the negative points would be if he returned and graduated but that seems unlikely.

The fall game is August 22. It’s currently classified as “might” be open to the public, sort of like USC “might” raise ticket prices.

We’ll keep thinking of new ways to interview Mitch Mustain when we resume our videos.

This is a down year in Southern California for quarterbacks. Other than Dayne Crist, and he wasn’t a do-or-die commitments because of the addition of Aaron Corp and Mustain. It won’t be a priority for recruiting this year.

Mark Sanchez is working hard to prepare for training camp and happy to be out of the spotlight thanks to the obsession with Mitch Mustain.

Last I heard, the final basketball game had not been scheduled.

The football complex will be built behind Heritage Hall on the IM field and where the music school is located. It will be two stories with a basement for a weightroom and locker room. It will not have as wide doorways as Notre Dame’s, for obvious reasons.

There are behind the scene discussions between USC and Coliseum Commission but any renovations won’t be done until some type of official transfer is done with the Coliseum. In the meantime, expect restrooms and water lines to be on the verge of breakdown for the season opener.

The fact the beautiful big black cat seems to be staying across the street from the Galen Center would mean a student housing project would not be built on that corner. Hardly an earth-shattering occurrence considering all the new student housing projects built or being built.

Any type of tributes for Mario Danelo will be announced as the season gets closer.

Jody Adewale’s scholarship will count for the 2007 season and his 2008 scholarship (after he is done with football) will not count against football. If forced to pick another recruit likely to commit, I’d probably choose cornerback Joe Adams of Arkansas.

I did make reference to bonehead decisions on a Petros-Money show. And you all have great insight.

Chris Galippo will be behind Maualuga, Thomas Williams and Luthur Brown. But he will probably move up quickly.

Matt Leinart has a seven-figure multi-year endorsement deal with Nike, is a spokesman for IceLink watches, gets paid for having his face on trading cards, does autograph shows, recently became a spokesman for EA Sports, is getting paid to do a movie role and has many other off-field projects. That’s how I came up with the figure I listed.

I won’t really know what John Morton brings to the staff from the pressbox until the season starts.

I think USC’s depth at defensive tackle remains a question with the departure of Chris Barrett. Someone will need to step up, probably Averill Spicer. Derek Simmons is another possibility. Both are unproven. And for some reason, many readers forget that Lawrence Jackson slid inside for plays last season and can do the same this year. That’s why I listed him as the top reserve defensive tackle in one depth chart.

To say David Ausberry is a combination of Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett is quite a statement. I wouldn’t say Ausberry is faster than Williams although he is bigger than Jarrett. But I don’t like making too much until I see someone perform in a game. Right now he looks like a tight end playing wide receiver and Pete Carroll is very high on him, so I could see him starting. But if he and Patrick Turner start, there still needs to be a breakaway threat. Ausberry is faster than last season but USC still needs a Travon Patterson or Ronald Johnson to emerge.

Right now, there are no plans to replace David Buehler on kickoffs, but there’s always a chance because the coaches haven’t seen most of the new kickers. Even Nebraska kicker Jordan Congdon, who is redshirted, has never been seen by Pete Carroll.

Rate the tailbacks

1. Chauncey Washington
2. Emmanuel Moody
3. CJ Gable
4. Allen Bradford
5. Hershel Dennis
6. Stafon Johnson*
7. Desmond Reed

*Used improperly last season, could move up to as high as No. 2.

I don’t watch ESPN reality shows.

I have not performed a detailed analysis of which positions caught passes last season, but I will do it as soon as I finish watching ESPN reality shows.

The freshman are currently staying at offseason apartments a couple blocks from campus, however once school starts they will be relocated and some will stay at Cardinal Gardens.

Free wings for 100 points? Maybe at Galen Center. Everyone is a comedian.

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