One Question Down

We couldn’t resist answering a Weekend Forum question right now, which asked why the team will not stay in Cardinal Gardens for training camp beginning this season? This is obviously in reaction to a similarly worded item that the World Champion paper in town wrote on Friday.
Only one problem: USC players have not stayed in Cardinal Gardens for training camp since 2004. Doh!
Maybe we’ve finally found a good reason for the Open Forum. To set things straight for others, including papers.
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Picture Of The Day

USC recently was picked to win the Pac-10 title by the media for the fifth straight year. But that’s nothing compared to the Trojans’ streak of 18 straight years (1965-82) picked to win the title.
Here’s the man responsible for buidling the program, Coach John McKay, in 1961 with quarterback Bill Nelsen (left) and offensive lineman Mike Bundra.

Waving Goodbye

Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson said former USC safety Darnell Bing feels some relief after being waived by the Raiders.
“I just talked to him and he figures it’s an obstacle he needs to overcome,” Jackson said. “But he wanted to get away from the Raiders since Day 1.”

Educated Guess

Since many of you have opinions on the subject, I asked a divorce lawyer who represents some clients that make as much as $15-20 million per year how much they pay in child support?
“Typically between $30-50,000 (per month),” she said.
I’m not sure of Matt Leinart’s exact income but an Arizona Cardinals source said his salary is nearly $7 million per year and he probably makes another $3-5 million in endorsements.

Quote Of The Day

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh did not back down from his controversial comments last spring that he heard Pete Carroll would leave USC after one more season.
“I say what I think,” Harbaugh said. “There is no purpose in terms of motivation. I tend to be frank. I repeated something I might have read in your columns.”