Johnson Update

Tailback Stafon Johnson said his shoulders are nearly recovered following offseason surgery and he’s ready for a chance in training camp.
“I’m feeling good, about 90 percent,” Johnson said. “I’m really eager to see where I’m at.”

Disaster Averted

We averted an Internet meltdown tonight when quarterback Mitch Mustain emerged unharmed after a pedal on his bicycle snapped off while he rode it. Imagine the number of comments if he twisted an ankle.

Bowl Arrangments 101

The Versus Conference announced bowl arrangements with the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego and Hawaii Bowl for the 2008 and 2009 seasons.
The sixth place team goes to Hawaii in 2008 and seventh to San Diego, then it flip flops in 2009. Versus!

Welcome Back

Fullback Jody Adewale was given his football scholarship back and will be on the team this season. Adewale also got USC to assure him of a sixth year so he can obtain his master’s degree.
A cynic might not Adewale got invited back immediately after linebacker Josh Tatum left the program and tight end Jordan Cameron did not have the proper units to transfer to USC. Hello two scholarships!
“Coach (Pete) Carroll said he wanted me back and I always wanted to play,” Adewale said.
If you forgot, Adewale was told last year he was not needed on the team and was going to work in the athletic dept. for his scholarship.

Weekend Forum Answers

There’s nothing to make a Sunday night quite like a 52-comment mini-forum.
Especially when the first questions asks if I am ready for the new season. Did the last one actually end? I can’t tell with recruiting, spring practice, summer workouts, passing drills, arrests, transfers, high school camps, someone getting kicked off the team, etc. Oh, and practice starts around August 6.
OK, on to the rest of the answers.
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An A For Effort

The jury is still out on last month’s commitment from Carson tight end Morrell Presley, who will only be a junior next season.
But his work ethic Saturday was impressive. Presley participated in four passing games in the Southern California Tournament of Champions then took the unusual step of joining the linemen there in a weightlifting competition, where he power-cleaned 185 pounds more than 25 times.
Afterward, he rejoined his teammates in the passing tournament. Usually, the linemen and skill players do not overlap but Pressley performed double duty admirably.