About Howell

Nick Howell was a strong candidate to be one of the disappointments of training camp, especially after he did not make the depth chart.
But Howell said his recently discovered hernia prevented him from making proper blocks and limited his range of mobility during training camp. Howell and USC thought he merely had a sore groin until the hernia was discovered. And this is not just a “sports” hernia, which is near the abdomen. Howell’s is lower and more serious and one reason why he probably will not return this season.

Redshirt Candidates

While everyone focuses on freshmen like Joe McKnight and Kris O’Dowd, USC coach Pete Carroll pulled aside wide receiver Brandon Carswell, tight end Rhett Ellison and safety Marshall Jones and informed them not to expect to play against Idaho, because the coaches are still deciding whether to redshirt the players.

About O’Dowd

Kris O’Dowd will be the first true freshman to ever start at center for USC on Saturday, let alone the first true freshman to start a season opener. The only two post-War era offensive linemen to start as true freshmen were Travis Claridge (1996) and Brad Budde (1976).