Weekend Forum Answers

It’s the Weekend Forum, where Mitch Mustain is king and some of you still think it’s OK to ask more than one question. But I will show more mercy than Pete Carroll against Jim Harbaugh. But will I show more mercy than Pete Carroll against Robb Akey? And who is Robb Akey?

Pete Carroll always wanted USC to become Cornerback U. But for several reasons, it’s been difficult. Don’t forget Cary Harris and Kevin Thomas were considered the top two DBs in California as seniors so he didn’t do anything wrong that year. But other times, academics also played a role in denying a top CB from choosing USC.
USC is always recruitng DB’s but I think this will be a greater focus for next year’s recruiting than this year. Joe Adams can play defensive back and USC can always go the JC route if they need a quick fix like Will Poole. It’s not position that requires a long transition period so talented high school players can play quickly.

Mark Sanchez returns as soon as he can grip a football, likely the bye week. Chauncey Washington should also be back that week. Joe McKnight and C.J. Gable are supposed to be back full speed this week. Vidal Hazelton’s already but I never trust a groin injury to fully recover.

Shareece Wright is not going to transfer — at least for this season. He is part of the starting rotation with Terrell Thomas, Cary Harris and Josh Pinkard. But ask again in December.

Marshall Jones has been very smooth in training camp. The problem of course is he plays behind Taylor Mays and Josh Pinkard. But he did have an interception in the scrimmages. He won’t transfer this year because he is probably going to redshirt and Mays will likely turn pro after his junior season.

I think the Nebraska game will be highly entertaining but the Trojans are a clear favorite at the moment. Sam Keller probably won’t talk as much trash as two years ago unless John David Booty suddenly starts dating C-list celebrities.

Pete Carroll usually likes to wait to name a starter at tailback if things are close. I assume CJ Gable would start this week if he is 100 percent followed by Stafon Johnson. If Gable’s groin bothers him, then Johnson gets the call.

I’m compelled to think Fred Davis will get more opportunities this season. But he must eliminate the occassional drops that surfaced in some scrimmages.

I think I already predicted an Idaho score but forgot. How about 56-10.

USC strengths: LB, Safety. Depth.
Weaknesses: Breakaway threats, pass protection, elite play at RB.

The depth chart at receiver was released over the weekend. Jamere Holland’s departure doesn’t mean Ronald Johnson and Brandon Carswell receive more opportunties because they were already ahead of him. That’s why he left.

Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush did not want to sign autographs two years ago at Salute to Troy. There were a lot of fans who went apparently because they wanted to meet the stars and were disappointed. This year’s event drew a record crowd and it seemed like you needed to know a booster member in order to buy tickets. I wouldn’t quite say it was for the general fan because tickets were limited. Also I’m not quite sure what the attraction of the event is for people. A lot of people within the program feel the event is boring. In the old days, when John Robinson was the coach, players used to do skits. But no longer.

I described Mitch Mustain as a pro-style QB because he is physically capable of running a sophisticated offense, with good decision-making skills and a strong arm. His only drawback is his height but that won’t be a factor at the college level.

I’m not following this too closely, but it looks like Dallas Sartz will be on an NFL roster and Kyle Williams is making a better-than-expected showing though the practice squad might be his final destination.

Chris Galippo is playing inside linebacker. It takes a lot of work to learn that spot as a freshman so he’s getting as many snaps as possible. Kyle Moore is a tall, rangy defensive end who sometimes is at his best when he drops back into pass protection (something he’s done in the past in Pete Carroll’s defensive scheme) while Everson Griffen reminds me more a Dexter Manley type, physically and personality wise. His talent is undeniable and I think the coaches are dying to get him on the field because he seems to be built for pass-rush situations, with his quickness often too much for typical offensive tackles.

It’s very unlikely this scenario will occur because Mark Sanchez should be back for Nebraska, but if USC is losing and Booty gets hurt, Mike McDonald would be the short-term solution and if the injury were long term, then Aaron Corp enters the picture.

Mitch Mustain has a quick release. But his knuckleball needs work.

I don’t see Nick Howell transferring. His family’s connections to USC are too strong. But whether he makes the Pac-10 travel squad could be interesting. Right now, I’m guessing he will.

Broderick Green’s playing time against Idaho will be determined by how fast USC scores 40 points. David Beckham will play for Team USA

Is it time for Art Bartner to hang it up? Oh I don’t know, I have a soft spot for Frankenstein, Fleetwood Mac and Kansas.

Pete Carroll’s been pleased with Mitch Mustain whenever he’s been brought up by the media. There hasn’t been an abundance of comments because Mustain is redshirting but Carroll’s expressed his admiration several times during camp.

There will be no shortage of marketing opportunities involving O.J. Mayo. But USC will want to take things somewhat slowly to avoid putting too much pressure on the true freshman.

USC will primarily run its familiar 4-3 defense. I hear to expect Everson Griffen to increase his role weekly and start sooner than later. And you might see Clay Matthews at defensive end filling the role of Brian Cushing last season.

Mitch Mustain has all the obvious ability to be a natural college QB. He might not be as physically talented as Mark Sanchez but he has more than enough intangible qualities to make the successful transition from high school to college.

I would take all roster heights and weights with a grain of salt. Most of them do not change since a player’s freshman year so they are not accurate.

Alfred Rowe requested a switch to fullback because he could see he was behind a lot of players at safety. He is behind four players at fullback but if there’s an injury or two, he could be in the mix. The coaches were happy because they have more depth at fullback.
Aaron Corp is currently going to redshirt.

Well, that’s about it folks. Another great week of questions. And here’s a question for you. Anyone spend that $99 yet for TrojanTV? Don’t you want to watch a replay of the USC-Idaho game?

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