Different Standards

Why did USC allow Emmanuel Moody to go to Florida but force an appeal hearing for wide receiver Jamere Holland after denying him a transfer to Oregon (and Florida).
“You can’t let someone talk to other schools, stop going to meetings and other things, and then let them just go to another Pac-10 school,” said a source familiar with the case. “This is not free agency.”

Keep It Simple

Not that the shotgun was going to be a vital aspect of the offense Saturday but the troubles at center will probably mean far less attempts at it against Idaho. One of worst experiences with the shotgun occurred in the second closed scrimmage when freshman Kris O’Dowd’s snapped sailed about 20 yards behind quarterback Mike McDonald.

Line Report

Matt Spanos (bruised triceps) is not practicing and neither are Nick Howell and Chilo Rachal. Jeff Byers is practicing at center while Kris O’Dowd takes some reps at guard.

A Rare Improvement

Wide receiver Vidal Hazelton said his groin injury feels much better. If true, he’s one of the few times when a chronic groin injury got better in recent seasons.
“I can go out and run and play fast,” Hazelton said. “I was slowed down running routes before but I’m peaking at the right time.”