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Ah, it feels good to be back in Open Forum Land. So many things to say. I could say I missed answering Mitch Mustain questions, but I wont. Or that I understand C.J. Gables diminished role.
But I do understand todays Open Forum is brought to you by Roman Meal bread, the official sustenance of Peter Caesar Carroll’s injured legions.

USC will not offer Konrad Reuland a scholarship, from what I hear. I dont know why he transferred from Notre Dame.

Of course I take all credit for Mitch Mustains rise to prominence. On the other hand, when every reporter writes something, you can rest assured its because Peter Caesar Carroll commented about Mustain.

Back injuries are always tricky but Chris Galippo is not expected to have any long-term pain. But who really knows? Luthur Brown experienced considerable pain but his surgery was much more serious.

Aaron Corp is redshirting and does not travel. He does not get reps with the main team so he usually practices with the scout team. Its really nothing out of the ordinary and what Mark Sanchez went through his first year.

When I wrote Pete Carroll did not mind not having a big-play threat, I meant having a player like Reggie Bush or even LenDale White or Mike Williams. That type of player might still emerge this season, but so far its been a methodical offense.

I agree, money can be made by allowing fans to touch Mustains helmet.

Im sure you can get extra copies of the “Best of Roggin and Simers Squared” on Ebay, right next to the copies of the “Best of TrojanTV.

The one away game that usually is the must-see game is Notre Dame, because the atmosphere is usually perfect and every fan should experience it. However, since Ive been to Notre Dame many times, I have to admit Nebraska was the game I looked forward to. And the atmosphere did not disappoint. The stadiums location in the actual city was also unique and made it quite an experience to walk around the city and then walk to the stadium.

My thoughts on Matt Leinart are that I figured he would be fairly successful this season, as long as he received enough pass protection. However, I heard this week his confidence was nearly shot after getting yanked last week, so it will be interesting to see how he bounces back.

Yes, USC is totally awesome. Everything is perfect. Way to go!

I think well see USC go long to Travon Patterson in the Stanford game, if the Trojans are up by 40 points.

C.J. Gable does not want to transfer, although he seems to be getting treated worse than other backs at the moment. But Stafon Johnson stuck it out and Gable is certainly just as tough. It must be hard to average 11 yards a carry and get one carry every six quarters, however.

The line should be fine in 2008, as long as Butch Lewis progresses. So far, his seasons been a little disappointing and then he got hurt.

I havent heard anything about moving Allen Bradford. That would mean another position change, so it would be pretty traumatic. But anything can and does happen in this program.
Patrick Johnson is seriously considering USC and could easily de-commit from Miami, but he will probably be someone you need to wait for an actual signed letter to know where he will go.

To say reporting on C.J. Gables playing time is petty is ridiculous. He is clearly unhappy. The coaches are talking about it behind the scenes. So its perfectly legitimate to ask Pete Carroll questions and write about it. Carroll doesnt mind, so why should you?
If its of little value to you, that doesnt mean other people dont care. Emmanuel Moody was unhappy the first week of training camp. Was that of little value too?

Mitch Mustain is quite talented at progression reads but Matt Leinart was considered by many to be the best at it in USC history. So Im holding off until he learns the entire offense to say hes the best ever in reading progressions. But I might say it during the initial printing of “Mitch and Me.

Right now, the Trojans biggest weakness is pass defense.

The coaches grades are not made available. They can be obtained through different sources and when relevant, I do write about them.

Its a close call, but Pete Carroll does value national championships slightly more than wasted talent.

Its amazing to blame Ty Willingham for Charlie Weis mess at Notre Dame. How many freshman, sophomores, redshirt sophomores and true juniors did Pete Carroll start in his third season?
Weis created the problem by starting more than 20 seniors last year. Other college coaches knew this was coming by not playing younger players.

Never trust a media guide for a players height or weight. Its the most inaccurate portion of those books.

Right now, Sedrick Ellis might be the highest pick in the draft, followed by Sam Baker.

I do not know why C.J. Gable is in the doghouse. Maybe he averaged too many yards per carry and showed up the other running backs. Or someone needed to assume Stafon Johnsons role from last season. But today will be important to see if Gable actually gets more carries, as promised.
Well see how it goes the rest of the season.
Pete Carroll does not base decisions on what Michael Jackson thinks, whether its the administrator or the gloved one. Would Julius Caesar care what someone in Gaul thought? I mean cmon.

Michael Coleman is no longer on the team to imitate Vince Young or Jake Locker.

Pete Carrolls signed quite a few cornerbacks, but most of them are hurt. He expected Kevin Thomas to play this season and Josh Pinkard.

Reggie Bush is not big enough to take the pounding of being an every down back in the NFL.

All good questions regarding Mustainland. But you forgot the renaming of the practice field to Mitch Mustain-Brian Kennedy Field and the renaming of to

When an athlete gets injured, he has the option of seeing a team doctor or going to his own doctor. Some players in recent years, including Josh Pinkard and Desmond Reed, went to Dr. Arthur Ting instead of team surgeons. The health insurances are a little trickier when this happens but an athlete does not have to pay the bill.

With Notre Dame struggling, you can bet all their commitments are getting calls from other colleges. The word on the grapevine is that Dayne Christ is reconsidering but dont expect to hear that officially.

USC fans should be considered with E.) None of the above. USC just needs to worry about beating Cal, because a loss at that point ruins the season, whether the Trojans have a loss or are undefeated.

Yes, I anticipated problems in the turnover ratio because USCs defensive philosophy seems less aggressive the past 16 games or so. I did not expect Kyle Moore to lead the team in interceptions, etc., because I figured the coaches infatuation with Everson Griffen would force him into the lineup.
But to Moores credit, hes held on to his spot. And he deserves it.

Those are highly optimistic evaluations of the guards and the draft. I think Sam Baker and Sedrick Ellis could be top 15 picks, however.

Its really too tedious to rank recruits on percentages of coming to USC. But its safe to say Blake Ayles, Khaled Holmes and Jurrell Casey will all commit.

Well, thats it folks. And I promise to do another Open Forum next week.

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