One Word Sums It Up

USC committed 24 penalties in two games. When Ty Willingham beat a penalty-prone USC team during the Paul Hackett era, he made a comment that once a team gets used to penalties, it’s hard to break the habit.
But discipline comes in other ways. Why are boosters allowed in the coaching area during games? The ref told a booster to “get out of here” after he complained about a face mask penalty. This playpen mentality even bothers many in the athletic dept. and creates an unprofessional atmosphere.
Discipline also refers to my post last Friday about the office hours being kept the week of the Stanford game.
“I had a feeling we were taking them lightly, especially with the new quarterback,” a high-placed member of the program told me.
I was told Stanford’s offense was basic and did not require as much time to analyze. It sure looked successful in the fourth quarter.
Discipline also means having the sense to hire a special teams coach. There’s been way too many penalties on special teams recently and it’s because the responsibilities are basically farmed out through the staff.
There’s a fine line between genius and hubris. When you win, it’s genius, when you lose . . .

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