Forget The Quarterback

The main focus for a couple weeks is whether John David Booty or Mark Sanchez should play quarterback.
But the bigger problem all season is the stubborn refusal to shake up the tailback rotation.
Does USC really deserve to be higher than 19th in the BCS rankings when it continues to settle for 4.4 yards per carry from the starting spot?
I put this question to Pete Carroll last Monday and he said he was happy with the current rotation for the rest of the season (some of you mistakenly thought this was because Stafon Johnson was hurt but the answer also applied to when Johnson is 100 percent).
I’m guessing most defensive coordinators who face USC are thrilled Joe McKnight was developed too slowly and Allen Bradford remained on the bench. All summer, we referred to the need to stretch defenses and it rarely happened from the tailback spot.
And that’s the biggest reason USC sits 19th. It’s a CD (coaches’ decision).

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