Back To 4th And 1

A couple glaring things stand out on that fourth-and-1 play in the first quarter. Oregons defense shifted completely towards the side where the play went and no one was in front of the right guard, which meant a gaping hole existed.
USC believes Oregon got confused by the formation and accidentally shifted into the perfect spot to tackle Joe McKnight.
But offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian said he regretted not calling a timeout before the play. Sarkisian said he saw Oregons defense shift from the sideline.
“When I look back at it, I should have called a timeout from the sideline, Sarkisian said.
Ironically, the shift created a hole because no one lined up against the right guard, but Sarkisian said the play USC ran did not really allow for an audible.

Mixed News

Tackle Sam Baker’s hamstring is torn but partially attached, and he is doubtful for the game. Baker said he wants to play.
Quarterback John David Booty practiced with the first team is on track to start.
Offensive guard Chilo Rachal was sick and did not practice.

The 100 Club

The only opponent 100-yard rushing performances against USC in the 2006 and 2007 seasons have come in losses in the state of Oregon.
Oregon State’s Clinton Polk gained 100 yards in last year’s victory while Oregon’s Jonathan Stewart gained 103 yards last weekend.

About Playcalling

Pete Carroll was asked about USC’s last touchdown drive, when the Trojans quickly marched down the field.
“We went into no-huddle mode and so did Oregon,” Carroll said. “You can’t just do it all the time. It depends on how the game and how it’s going.”