Cornerback U.?

USC ranks 96th in the nation with six interceptions and two of those were by defensive end Kyle Moore.
“Were playing really good pass defense but not getting the ball, USC coach Pete Carroll said. “The only issue I can add is not hitting the quarterback enough. We still have 21 sacks. But this group has played the same the past two years (with few interceptions).”

More Caesar

Here’s an interesting quote on the limited use of Stafon Johnson.
“He doesnt feel 100 percent. I was disappointed he didnt get involved more,” USC coach Pete Carroll said. “That happens when you rotate guys.”
And a revised look at the Stanford game when John David Booty broke his finger.
“We made a mistake with John, not knowing the situation. I wish I could have assessed that better at the time,” Carroll said. “Maybe we would have put Mark (Sanchez) in and played it closer to the vest.”

Injury Update

Sam Baker underwent an MRI today on his hip and sore hamstring but he is currently questionable. Linebacker Kaluka Maiava sprained his thumb and wide receiver Brad Walker sprained his ankle.

Sunday Night With Caesar

Some quick thoughts of Pete Carroll.
“It’s different. We haven’t been in this situation in a long time. It doesn’t change anything. You don’t do anything different. You coach like crazy.
“We were talking as a staff today about how many good defensive schemes there are in this conference and skill guys who can make plays. Everybody is getting everybody (in the Pac-10).”

Forget The Quarterback

The main focus for a couple weeks is whether John David Booty or Mark Sanchez should play quarterback.
But the bigger problem all season is the stubborn refusal to shake up the tailback rotation.
Does USC really deserve to be higher than 19th in the BCS rankings when it continues to settle for 4.4 yards per carry from the starting spot?
I put this question to Pete Carroll last Monday and he said he was happy with the current rotation for the rest of the season (some of you mistakenly thought this was because Stafon Johnson was hurt but the answer also applied to when Johnson is 100 percent).
I’m guessing most defensive coordinators who face USC are thrilled Joe McKnight was developed too slowly and Allen Bradford remained on the bench. All summer, we referred to the need to stretch defenses and it rarely happened from the tailback spot.
And that’s the biggest reason USC sits 19th. It’s a CD (coaches’ decision).

Brave New World

Here’s quote from defensive end Lawrence Jackson after the game.
“Im pretty sure in the last five years, we didnt do things well enough to win but came out with a victory, defensive end Lawrence Jackson said. “Its not like that anymore.

Still Close

Perhaps the most impressive stat in Pete Carroll’s tenure continued Saturday. Even though USC lost, Carroll’s still lost by double digits only one time in seven seasons (Notre Dame, 2001) and that was by 11 points.

This Job Is Not That Easy

Quarterback John David Booty on criticism he and Mark Sanchez face from unhappy fans.
“Its a difficult job. A lot of people dont understand it. The games hard, Booty said. “I dont know what everyone wants Mark or myself to be. We hate to lose. He hates to lose.