Open Forum, Part III

This installment is brought to you by the Coliseum, because where else would Caesar ever play for more than 2,000 years?

Shockingly, the band wagon picked up after Arizona State with bigger crowds at practice than in the games preceeding it. Thursday’s crowd was particularly large because of some campus events and because it was rivalry week.

It’s true the hangup between USC and the Coliseum stems from renaming the landmark the “Mitch Mustadium.” I personally was going to wait for “Mitch and Me” to come out to release the new name for the Coliseum but this week’s events preclude me

The Rose Bowl does not want USC to move there to kick UCLA out but it would like the Trojans because the extra revenue improvements that the Rose Bowl itself needs despite being further ahead than the Coliseum. The Mitch Mustadium will be a state of the art facility, however, and include bicycle racks with video cameras to avoid another Pedalgate incident.

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