O.J. Update

O.J. Mayo said he has turf toe but does not think it will affect him for Thursday’s game against Oklahoma. Kyle Austin is undergoing an MRI this week. Marcus Simmons (sprained ankle) is not expected to play this week.

TV Ratings

The USC-Arizona State telecast on ESPN earned a 3.4 rating, representing an average of 3,270,000 households, the networks highest rating for college football on Thanksgiving since 1993 (Texas A&M at Texas earned a 4.0) and its most-watched game on the holiday since 1992 (Texas at Texas A&M was seen by 3,304,000 homes, based on a 5.4 rating).

Unsung Hero

Linebacker Kaluka Maiava did a nice job with 10 tackles against Arizona State while filling in for Keith Rivers and he did it with a cast on his broken wrist.
“I’ve been missing that feeling since high school,” Maiava said.
Rivers, who has a sprained ankle, is expected to play this week.
“Back to special teams,” Maiava said.

Changing Sides

Here’s some quotes from USC assistant coach Ken Norton, when he played linebacker for UCLA on November 19, 1986.
“I’m not really sure why they chose USC. We’re just going to beat USC so bad. Well, they’ve got a really good band. I think that’s what carries the school,the band.
“It’s always fun to play a team with a good band.”

Regarding Coach O

We’ve already addressed this issue but it keeps coming up. Former USC assistant coach Ed Orgeron, recently fired by Ole Miss, is going to wait-and-see what job opportunities exist. USC does not have an opening for him right now. The best bet is that Orgeron goes to the NFL as an assistant.

One More Answer

From the Weekend Forum. Freshman lineman Kris O’Dowd could not redshirt because he played in 25 percent of the games. Ironically, he hit the 25-percent mark by playing two series against Washington. If he got hurt, the week before, he would redshirt.
The point became moot on Thanksgiving when he came in at the end of the Arizona State game.