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The coaches obviously know which recruits they want to complete this recruiting class, but there’s also a wild-card factor, because they might want to wait and see if some Notre Dame or UCLA recruits change their minds by signing date.
There’s also a few recruits, like Birmingham defensive end Malik Jackson, who might sign with USC if he can get the necessary test score. Players like this will require waiting. Remember, USC did not heavily recruit Vincent Joseph or Alfred Rowe but signed both at the end.
I really can’t tell you who will decommit. Think about it. A lot of kids that decommit don’t even know at this point. So be patient.
As for this class, I’m not sure I see a huge impact player for next season. Tight end Blake Ayles could play a lot and offensive tackle Tyron Smith looks like he will be a star but that’s probably down the road.

Chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver has to do with timing and knowing a receiver will be exactly where he’s supposed to be. Some receivers run better routes than others. Steve Smith ran precise routes and that made him a favorite for the quarterbacks. Mitch Mustain and Damian Williams played together for years. Mustain knows exactly how fast and precise Williams runs a route while Williams knows exactly what type of pass Mustain throws and prefers.

I haven’t asked Mike Garrett about the new Reggie Bush book.

I hear Notre Dame recruits remain vulnerable but no word on if/when someone might flip.

The “conservative” playcalling didn’t hurt Fred Davis from winning the Mackey Award. I think Pete Carroll will adjust next season depending on how mature the offense is. This year’s receivers/quarterbacks showed little propensity for converting deep passes, so they might have to convince Caesar before he opens it up next season.
As for the recruits going to the basketball game, I’m sure some wanted to see O.J. Mayo, but it won’t make a difference to their college decision. Most of them all committed to USC already so it wasn’t a big deal. Now if someone paid to attend this exhibition, that’s another story.

Mitch Mustain is not an option quarterback.

I do not envision a mass exodus of recruits from UCLA. In my experience, players usually talk tough but end up sticking with their original choice. They almost always like the new coach initially. As for the coaching search, UCLA is limited by how much it pays, so it’s hard to say they lost anyone yet. For example, Boise State coach Chris Peterson was never interested, so what could they do?

I cannot predict a top 10 for next season yet, but I like to think Florida will obviously be near the top.

If USC forfeits games because of Reggie Bush, it would not affect the BCS title, because the NCAA has no control over the BCS. The same with rings and money. The records would probably reflect that USC forfeited the games, but that’s about it.

I’m not surprised Justin Fargas is doing better than LenDale White (if true since I don’t follow the NFL that close), he was one of the hardest working players when he was at USC and as long as he stayed healthy, he had the potential to be successful in the NFL.

The plan to replace Sedrick Ellis is to try Averill Spicer along with freshmen DaJohn Harris and Christian Tupou and see what happens.

USC’s received commitments from five offensive linemen so far, so it’s hard to say Pete Carroll’s not paying enough attention this year. Although in past year’s, there’s certainly been some neglect. My critique would be the recruting at cornerback. For years, we’ve heard this is the postion Carroll knows best and we haven’t seen recruiting to back up that claim. Or the idea that USC will become Cornerback U.

Any more questions?

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