Picture Of The Day


Two USC players defend a pass to a UCLA wide receiver during the 1958 crosstown rivalry, which ended in a 15-15 tie. We think the the player in the middle is halfback Angelo Coia, but maybe some of our “mature” readers can identify the Trojans in the picture. Photo courtesy USC digital library.

Tough Ticket

USC announced this weekend it would sell more Rose Bowl tickets. And private parties seem to be selling at face value, or less. If you’re thinking of going, scalpers outside the Rose Bowl should be at a disadvantage on game day.
“I’d rather see a rematch with Stanford. At least the Trojans would be motivated,” one USC graduate who is skipping the game said.

Favorite Moment

USC offensive tackle Sam Baker said the UCLA game earlier this month was the highlight of his season.
“The one match up that stands out for me was in our last game against UCLA,” Baker said. “Everyone was talking about Bruce Davis and how I had to lock him down and it was a great experience because hes a great player and I have a lot of respect for him.

Low Profile

USC quarterback John David Booty said he likes staying out of the spotlight despite the obvious advantages of being in such a marquee position.
I dont see myself from the outside so I dont really see it. Im a Southern boy. Were definitely raised a little different than someone from Orange County. Ive been by myself a lot out here in Los Angeles. Im usually just hanging out with my roommates. I dont put myself in situations where trouble can arise.”

Practice Update

USC concluded its final practice before the Rose Bowl and it’s not looking good for wide receiver Patrick Turner.
“He’s still not full speed yet,” Pete Carroll said. “It’ll be hard to contribute.”
Linebacker Keith Rivers (ankle) will play but whether he starts is a game-time decision.


As the game approaches, USC defensive end Lawrence Jackson grows weary of questions about Illinois quarterback Juice Williams and whether the Trojans can handle a mobile quarterback.
“People are always trying to get stories on another running quarterback,” Jackson said. “Hes good but different than the others. Hes bigger than a running back. Hes not an option type of player.

Silver Lining

Apparently there was one positive from the Stanford game as Fred Davis broke the USC record for receptions by a tight end.
“I found out from a reporter that I had broken the record after the Stanford game. I got the game ball after the game and now its at my moms house.”
There might be a Stanford fan out there willing to pay a lot of money for that ball.