Almost A Pro

Defensive end Lawrence Jackson said thought he would turn pro last season.
“At one point at the end last year I was gone. I thought that I was ready to embrace the challenge
of the next level but I stepped back and looked in my heart and saw some things that I was second guessing.
“I felt like if we got most of our core group of guys back that we could be a great team and it was a great decision to come back. It allowed me to grow as a man and a player as well as see different perspective of things.
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Settling For Rose Bowl?

Here’s Sedrick Ellis’ take: I dont think were settling for the Rose Bowl at all. Our goal during my entire career has always been to get to the Rose Bowl. We cant control things like how polls rank us and where the BCS
puts us during the bowl season.”

Another Milestone

USC cornerback Terrell Thomas plays his final game in the Rose Bowl, but he completed another milestone last week, when he officially earned his bachelors degree.
Thomas laughed that athletic director Mike Garrett frequently lectured his class about academics following a rough early start.
“It wasnt looking too good for us. Mike Garrett said we were the most athletic class but also said you suck in school, Thomas said. “We were knuckleheads. But we turned out to be the best class. Jody (Adewale) is getting his masters. Lawrence (Jackson) is getting his degree. Sedrick (Ellis) too.

Picture Of The Day


USC football coach Jess Hill celebrates with players Al Carmichael (left) and Rudy Bukich (right) after the 1953 Rose Bowl. Carmichael and Bukich connected for the only touchdown of the game as USC defeated Wisconsin 7-0.

Eligibility Check

USC coach Pete Carroll said every player would be eligible for the Rose Bowl.
That does not mean there are no academic issues. Because the spring semester starts a week later than normal (Jan. 14), grades will not be processed until after the Rose Bowl.

The Rumor Mill

Rose Bowl practices are not that compelling, but at least there was some good gossip swirling around Howard Jones Field that UCLA’s chancellor will not hire Rick Neuheisel as the next coach because of his controversial past.