Some More Answers

Here’s some more answers on Norm Chow day.

Q: Who will be this year’s Michael Morgan/Ronald Johnson in recruiting? A surprise commit on NSD from an out of state prospect.

A: It’s always a guess to predict something like that. But if USC gets either Omar Hunter or Nick Perry, I’d classify it as surprise.

Q: If Tim Floyd leaves after the season, who would be a likely candidate to replace him since even with his denials, I think LSU will pay him a lot of money?

A: Tim Floyd told me last week he was not interested in the LSU job and would remain at USC. There’s rumors in Louisiana he might would go there. There’s also rumors that Mike Montgomery would be USC’s top choice as a replacement.

Q: From last year, I think JoMac, Rojo, and Broderick Green, have that IT factor. From our current small group of committs, do you see any players that can be IT. ???

Also, Stafon doesn’t feel bad about he small amount of carries last year right? Did he have bad attitude or did Pete just let Chauncey have more since he has waited patiently for so long? Stafon was clearly the better back, I just don’t get why he got so little amount of playing time.

A: I’m only answering one question. Stafon Johnson has not said anything about getting less carries but he also never complained when he did not play his freshman year. He didn’t have a bad attitude. The coaches just insisted on playing Chauncey Washington more and came up with plenty of excuses when I raised this issue.

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