Another Thought

Does it say something about the current recruiting class that USC fended off Fresno State (Malik Jackson) and Washington State (Brian Baucham) for its past two commitments? This isn’t a slight toward any recruits, it’s a question geared toward the only program in history to win at least 11 games for six straight seasons.

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Great Question

Someone asked in the Weekend Forum what happened to the fat booster? It’s something I’ve been meaning to address. He was on double-secret probation and banned from the sidelines for several games but as the season wound down, he made his way back to the sideline.
This is USC after all, where a financial donation usually forgives all transgressions.

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Picture Of The Day


A Notre Dame wide receiver drops a touchdown pass in the 1955 USC-Notre Dame game. Note that both teams are wearing their dark jerseys in this game at the Coliseum. Do any readers know when this practice ended?

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