Early Answers

Here’s a few quick answers, brought to you by CaesarTV, which promises to have more than 200 viewers per day.

Q: SW, what do you like more at this point, the 2008 LOI class or the 2009 prospective class?

A: It’s still early regarding the 2009 class, but I like it better in one regard. The aggressiveness in locking up highly regarded local players. Many of these types of guys committed to UCLA a year ago. Obviously Matt Barkley is the gold standard of the 2009 class, but it’s unfair to compare him to the 2008 class, which did not feature a QB. I will be interested in watching Patrick Hall play next season at St. Bonaventure now that I’ve heard a lot of hype about his potential as a tailback. We’ll see. But the LB class already appears better, with Centennial LB Vontaze Burfict committing officially in the next week or so. He was ready to commit last week but could not attend the Junior Day because of a school dance.

Q: Will Shane Horton have to sit out next year?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you aware of any USC players knowing about this site and reading the posts and comments on here?
A: Some players have told me they read the blog on a regular basis although they did not say if they read the posts.

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